Take Your Pulse to the Next Level.™

We understand that every athlete, from the weekend warrior to the practiced pro, deserves professional-grade support for training and recovery. That’s the idea behind Complete Recovery: a unique suite of technical and topical products designed to serve fitness enthusiasts of all genders, ages and abilities in their quest for peak performance.

On the technical side, three high-quality RecoverySuite percussive massage, compression therapy and vibrational massage devices blend scientific knowledge with ergonomic engineering and superlative construction to provide the most advanced muscle relief on the market. These devices leverage three clinically proven methods to reduce soreness and speed recovery: RecoveryVolt with percussive massage, RecoverySleeve with dynamic compression therapy, and RecoveryBall with vibrational massage.

On the topical side, our RecoveryRub and RecoveryMelt muscle relief formulas work to enhance and elevate the effects of the devices—using proven formulations crafted from

naturally derived, results-oriented ingredients. Working together, our technical and topical approaches release lactic acid buildup, relieve pain, soothe inflammation, reduce tension, stimulate range of motion and more. It’s time to Take Your Pulse to the Next Level.™